I can’t recommend Nic’s Cupcakes enough. Whether it’s her fast, reliable service or quality, you can’t beat it. Impressed with the consistent top quality of her products. I recently made a large order for an event with over 200 attendees. I was not only amazed by the quality throughout such a large order but to keep up the look and taste with that amount, with minimal notice (very last minute) was an absolute joy to withhold. I would not only continue to use Nic’s Cupcakes for future orders but would advise everyone in need of small or large order to take advantage of Nic’s great cupcakes and customer service.

gaz holmes


Nic’s cakes are honestly the best cakes I have ever tasted. All the words you want when describing a great cake come to mind, light, fluffy, tasty, mouthwatering, the list goes on! The only trouble about Nic’s Cupcakes is deciding what you want!

ant finlay


Extremely satisfied with my purchase of a box of 4 deluxe chocolate cupcakes. High quality with immaculate presentation. It was a shame to eat them! But once we did, we couldn’t stop. Perfect to show off on any occasion.

shannon hoole


Nicole sent me the greatest box of cupcakes a girl could want. Oreo, s’mores and vanilla. The Oreo cakes were the perfect amount of decadence, the s’mores cakes are the greatest accompaniment to a good cup of tea, but the vanilla? Utterly perfect. The greatest icing I have ever had, and I eat a lot of cake! All of them were well worth hiding in the kitchen from my kids for. 10/10 would eat every day.

linzi brooks


Nic’s cupcakes are delicious with a good ratio of frosting to sponge, light and fluffy. With a good range of flavours and designs. My favourite are her Bubblegum and Jammie Dodger. Would highly recommend.

hayley speakman


Just having one isn’t an option; you’ll constantly find yourself wanting more. Honestly some of the best cakes I’ve ever had!

jon verburg


Fantastic, loved the Candy Floss and also Blue Bubblegum flavour. Highly recommended.

karen speakman


Would highly recommend ordering from this lady. Cannot praise her enough, done cupcakes for me on two aoccasions and they were absolutely fantastic, the taste and the decoration is amazing! The little suprises in the middle of some cupcakes make for a nice treat! Shared my recent order with my 90 year old nana and she absolutely loved them. The quality of the cupcakes are without a doubt perfect. I just need to find another reason to order more now!

heather boon

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