Box of 4 – £6 | Box of 12 – £16 | Box of 25 – £32. | For orders over this amount, please contact us.


Vanilla sponge, vanilla frosting and sprinkles.


Chocolate sponge, chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles.


Lemon sponge, lemon frosting and lemon flavoured sprinkles.

Rose Water

Rose water sponge, pink rose water frosting, topped with a slice of Turkish Delight.


Blue bubblegum flavoured sponge, blue bubblegum frosting, topped with white fondant star.

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate orange sponge, chocolate orange frosting, topped with a Terrys Chocolate Orange segment.

Mint Chocolate

Mint chocolate sponge, mint chocolate frosting, topped with grated mint Aero chocolate.

Red Velvet

Red vanilla sponge with a hint of chocolate, cream cheese frosting.

Candy Floss

Pink candy floss flavoured sponge, pink candy floss flavoured sponge, topped with heart sprinkles.


Coffee sponge, coffee infused frosting, topped with coffee powder.


Chocolate sponge with a hint of coffee, chocolate and coffee frosting, topped with sprinkles and coffee powder.


Coconut sponge, topped with coconut buttercream and bounty piece.


Passionfruit sponge, topped with orange passionfruit buttercream and sprinkles.


Cherry sponge, topped with red cherry buttercream.

Irish Cream

Irish cream sponge, topped with irish cream buttercream.


Box of 4 – £7 | Box of 12 – £18 | Box of 25 – £36 | For orders over this amount, please contact us.

Lotus Biscoff

Biscoff sponge, Biscoff frosting, topped with a Lotus Biscoff biscuit.


Oreo infused chocolate sponge, Oreo frosting, topped with Oreo biscuit.

Jammie Dodger

Strawberry jam infused sponge, pink jam flavoured frosting, topped with Jammie Dodger biscuit.

Strawberry Milkshake

Milkshake flavoured sponge, with milkshake flavoured buttercream, topped with sprinkles.


Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry sponge, topped with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry frosting and topped with an ice cream wafer.


Nutella flavoured chocolate sponge, Nutella frosting, drizzled with melted milk chocolate.


Vanilla sponge, strawberry jam filling, vanilla frosting, topped with doughnut.


Caramel flavoured sponge, caramel frosting, topped with Caramac chocolate.

Salted Caramel

Salted caramel flavoured sponge, salted caramel frosting, topped with Caramac chocolate.

Toffee Popcorn

Toffee popcorn sponge (including popcorn pieces), toffee frosting, topped with toffee popcorn pieces and drizzled with toffee sauce.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter flavoured sponge, topped with peanut butter flavoured buttercream and Reeses pieces.

Toffee and custard

Toffee sponge, topped with custard flavoured buttercream.


Almond flavour sponged, topped with almond flavoured buttercream and almonds.

Blackcurrant and Liquorice

Blackburrant flavoured sponge topped with black liquorice buttercream.


Chocolate and peanut flavour sponge, topped with chocolate buttercream, caramel and Snickers piece.

Mulled Wine and Cinnamon

Mulled wine and cinnamon flavour sponge, topped with red mulled wine buttercream.


Box of 4 – £9 | Box of 12 – £22 | Box of 25 – £45 | For orders over this amount, please contact us.

Chocolate Overload

Chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream, topped with lots of chocolate*

Chocolate Orange Overload

Chocolate orange sponge, chocolate orange buttercream, topped with lots of chocolate*

Mint Chocolate Overload

Mint chocolate sponge, mint chocolate buttercream, topped with lots of chocolate*


Biscuit base, sponge, toasted marshmallow meringue icing, drizzled with melted chocolate.


Dark coloured (usually purple, gray and blue) vanilla sponge, dark coloured vanilla frosting, topped with glitter and silver stars.


Light coloured (usually pink, yellow and blue) vanilla sponge, light coloured vanilla frosting, marshmallow centre, topped with sprinkles.


Vanilla sponge, with a centre filled with sprinkles, topped with vanilla buttercream and homemade meringue kisses.


Prices and descriptions as per categories above.

Almost all of our flavours can be made vegan-friendly. Get in touch with your ideas, and we will do our best to make them for you!


We also offer cake jars. These are 1lb sized jars filled to the brim with cake, buttercream, and sweet treats. Contents vary depending on the flavours chosen. All of our cupcake flavours can be made into cake jars. Cake jars are priced at £4.50 each. Jars are available to be posted anywhere within the UK, with postage payable for orders under four jars. International shipping is available, but postage costs must be covered by the customer. Cake jars are a perfect treat to dip into, or a tasty gift for a friend or loved one!

      PLEASE NOTE: Box orders are to made for TWO flavours maximum –  if you wish for more than two flavours in your box, this will be chargeable. All of our cupcakes are frosted with american buttercream. Should you wish for any other type of (or no) frosting, please include this in your order. Please note, I only offer very simple fondant designs. All of our recipes can be made vegetarian friendly. Please be sure to state this clearly in your order. Please also note: full payment is required at the time of placing your order. Thank you.